Grow your people with scalable personal  development

Elenta is an experiential behaviour change platform that uses behavioural science, A.I technology, and professional coaching to equip individuals and teams with the mindsets, behaviours and skills proven to fuel growth.


Development should be continuous, not episodic.

Your people need to learn new skills for your organisation to grow. Teams need to develop psychological safety, managers need to become coaches, and individuals need to learn resilience

You know that behaviour doesn't change only by watching videos, or sitting in classrooms.

You know that it changes when people practice new skills in real world contexts, with the support of the people around them.

We know how to make that happen.


How it works for Employees

1. Do an Assessment 

Elenta's 360 Assessment was developed in partnership with the University of Sydney. It combines a self-assessment and 360 feedback survey to understand where someone is across 31 behavioural dimensions that inform both their individual and team behaviours.


2. Develop a Plan

Development plans are informed by the strengths and opportunities identified in the Assessment. They are automatically constructed using the latest behavioural science research and data from thousands of similar people to optimise for developing the highest impact behaviours.

3. Complete Nudges

Nudges are interactive, personalised coaching moments, delivered when and where your people need them most. They aren't just notifications with content, but build behavioural skills through practices such as reflection, goal-setting and feedback to reinforce positive shifts in mindsets and behaviours.


Not another platform - employees can use Elenta entirely in Slack or Microsoft Teams


4. Work with your Team

Learning is a social activity. We give you tasks and challenges that you can practice as part of your every day work, with the support of your manager, peers, and direct reports. We also help you share your progress with them and ask for feedback when you need it, to help you see where you're improving and keep you accountable.

5. Attend Coaching Labs

Coaching labs are 1 hour interactive group sessions that focus on practicing key skills through games and activities with other people in a virtual environment. Choose to keep sessions within your organisation, or give your people a chance to learn from a broader group of people with shared labs.


Higher productivity

Productivity increases when individuals and teams are able to prioritise better, find more focus & flow, and display greater goal-striving.

Less burnout risk

When professionals develop greater resilience, stress management techniques and healthier habits, they are far less likely to burnout.

Greater retention

Organisational commitment and retention starts to climb when individuals experience more meaning, belonging and satisfaction at work.

How it works for Organisations


1. Tell us your priorities

We know how critical organisational context is to creating lasting and impactful behaviour change. We use your culture, strategy, and goals as the foundation of your Elenta experience with a custom-built behavioural development framework. We'll run workshops with your learning team, your leaders, and most importantly, your people to better understand what makes your organisation unique.

2. Build a framework

Refine the framework we develop for you to better reflect the goals of your organisations. Maximise impact by investing the right amount, in the right people, at the right time by customising development paths and choosing the right mix between coaching and digital activities.


3. Make it feel like home

We give you full control over everything your people see. Replace examples and scenarios with ones specific to your organisation, upload videos, quotes and articles of internal leaders sharing their stories, and use terms that your people are familiar with. Our Customer Success team will help you with all of this when you're setting up.

4. Discover Insights

Happy sheets, surveys, and video clicks only tell you so much. Understand motivators, capabilities, and behaviour change with our insights platform. Predict retention, improve engagement, and drive business strategy.


Grow your people with a solution that works just as well whether teams work remotely, in-person, or anything in between. With deep integrations into tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams, employees can learn the way they work.


People grow the most when they take control of their development. We make learning employee led with a model that engages managers, peers, and direct reports to ensure that people have the right level of support and feedback.


We use the latest research from fields such as organisational psychology and behavioural science to ensure that what we do delivers impactful and measurable results for you, your people, and your business.


What our customers say

"Elenta helped us nurture the connection between learning investment, action taken, feedback received and consequent behaviour change. At a time when budgets are facing additional scrutiny, Elenta is a no-brainer to maximise learning experiences, assess their impact, encourage change and demonstrate ROI"

"It turned out that with Elenta, we were able to do much more than just replicate our old processes. We were able to connect people to concepts in a way we were never able to do before. The platform was open enough to let us try a lot of ideas about how behaviour can be changed and that resulted in a great learner experience"

See results in 3 months

We use the latest research across the behavioral sciences to create the world’s most effective approach to organizational transformation, driving impact for your business and delivering real metrics that measure real impact.


Bupa’s Frontline Leadership program is a high profile initiative to help frontline leaders build their leadership abilities. The L&D team needed a way to embed behaviour changes post-workshop and track impact over time.


Using the flexibility and power of Elenta, Bupa was able to build far more impactful programs that personalised the experience for each learner, according to their level of competency and interests.

  • Elenta increased the number of people who felt activities increased their comprehension by 67%
  • Elenta led to a 92% increase in the number of people who put extra effort into learning more about a topic

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